Hocus Pocus, bitches!

Nikola is laughing hard

The Irish Wonder

Nikola Arkane

To dub Nikola Arkane a Magic Close-up Champion is not hyperbole – in recent years she has won several prestigious conjuring competitions. Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland she has managed to captivate audiences and viewers across the world with a unique, fresh and theatrical style of magic.

Nikola Arkane has been a regular guest performer at international venues like The Chicago Magic Lounge’s Virtual Cocktail hour, Monday Night Magic in New York, The Amsterdam Magic Show and has performed several times and been the headliner for The Magic Castle’s virtual magic shows on behalf of The Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood.

You might not know it yet, but you want some Arkane magic for your next live event!

Conjuring Pick ‘n’ mix

The various ways you can experience Nikola Arkane

Nikola Arkane does coin magic
Mingle Entertainment

Cocktails & Closeup

Have your guests entertained in style during drinks receptions by adding a little pinch of magic.

Nikola Arkane, a female magician
Walk-around entertainment

Dine and Delight!

Magic in the midst of of a meal, at dinners or banquets, to spice up your guests dining experience!

Nikola Arkane and her magic wand
Theatrical magic

World’s a stage…

Experience something magical and memorable together – magic as a theatrical experience.

Sweden’s Got Talent

Watch Nikola Arkane’s two performances on Swedish TV


Recent Milestones

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