Sweden’s Got Talent

Nikola Arkane is dazzling minds in Sweden's Got Talent

My lust for life and adventure has led me to many unexpected places, like the audition stage for Sweden’s Got Talent.

Let me explain how it happened. It’s 2022, and the world is still dealing with Covid chaos, I begun to realise that for the next six months, live work would be impacted to some degree due to the fall out of the pandemic. I desperately needed a goal.

After years of avoiding TV-talent shows like the plague, I found myself staring directly at the thing I’d been most afraid of and thought – why not? Afraid, because I might not be good enough and I might not have material to make it through a competition this demanding.

With nothing to loose, I chose to apply to Sweden’s Talang simply because I wish more than anything else to make my future life and home in Sweden. After spending almost three years travelling back and forth between my birthplace of Belfast and Stockholm, I decided that I couldn’t live without my Swedish friends, family and above all “Söderte” Tea.

If you want to know more, I was recently interviewed about the adventure in Belfast Telegraph, Feb 1, 2022.

My journey on the show begins this Friday 4th February 2022 when my audition – in front of the Swedish Talang judges, the studio audience, and a whopping one million viewers – goes live! Nu kör vi! Let’s do this!

Edit: And now it have aired! Take a peek!