I’m a Superhero

Nikola is the drawn superhero on the cover of a comics

It is probably not commonly known, but there is a lot of artistic innovation in the field of conjuring. I am fortunate in being surrounded by creative colleagues who have encouraged me to create my own performance pieces, and to share them with other performers.

My first collection “The Chaos Within” was published in 2020. I am now publishing “In Plain Sight” – my second collection of technical writing, consisting of seven of my own creations. New and innovative performance pieces, suitable for theatrical close-up.

For “In Plain Sight”, I had the wild idea of trying to design it as an old superhero comics. I was about to give up on that idea, when I realized that my Swedish friend Stefan Eriksson actually was educated in drawing comics and animations. And with his skilled penmanship, I got transformed into a comics superhero!

The book is intended for my peers, and can be found here: Arkane – In Plain Sight.